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Stay up to date on our latest news, announcements, and seasonal concerns.

New Location Coming Soon

Styron‘s Tree Service is moving! Stay tuned to see our progress on new office and shop being built at the corner of HWY 24 and Hibbs Road Ext in Newport.

Seasonal Concerns

We are currently providing advice and treatment for the following concerns plaguing our area.

Issues With Oak Trees

If your oak tree looks to be dying or declining, call for an Arborist consultation. Although we are currently in a drought, back in 2018 we had a hurricane with 100 inches of rain, which led to damaged root systems. Some trees were exposed to contaminated, toxic water depending on where they were located. Such exposure could have seriously damaged or destroyed a portion of your trees' root system. Now that we're in a period of drought, the reduced root mass can make your trees more susceptible to further damage. With our expert Arborist, you can count on Styron's Tree Service to do everything we can to save your trees and restore them back to a beautiful, healthy state.

Insect Infestations

Japanese beetles and emerald ash borers are currently impacting many trees in our area. These insects can severely harm your trees if left untreated. For advice and assistance, contact us for an Arborist consultation.

Tree Care Tips

Let us help you take care of all the trees on your property with these tips:


To avoid malnutrition, be sure to give your trees an adequate amount of micronutrients, such as magnesium sulfate, limestone, gypsum, iron, and zinc. However, trees need very limited amounts of these compounds, and an overabundance can be harmful. Call our Certified Arborist for advice on the correct amounts of each you should provide.

Overwatering / Poor Drainage

Overwatering or poor drainage can cause root rot in your trees. Fungicides or manganese treatments can be effective as treatments or preventative measures.

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